It's My Birthday

It's My Birthday

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Event Duration: Approximately 60 Minutes

Want to treat her to the works? This is the Ultimate Pamper Experience that will leave your loved one feeling like the true Tiny Princess that she really is on her special day!

Package Includes

  • Birthday Cake Mini Mani & Pedi 
  • Vanilla Frosting Hand & Foot Massage 
  • Birthday Cake Mini Facials 
  • Makeup or facial jewel Makeover 
  • Use of Luxurious Spa Robe 
    • Make A Wish Mini Cupcake with:
      • Sparkling Flavored Spa Water
    • Shout Out on our Social Media 
    • Special Amor of GLaM Gift

    Choose One:
    Create Your Own

    • Spa Bubbles
    • Shimmer Lotion
    • Sugar Scrub Sundae