About Us

My gloss collection was all made with me in mind. As a small home based child’s business we wanted to include Genaí in the process as much as possible. Her whole line was handmade with love, high quality ingredients, and strict sanitation guidelines. All of her glosses are cotton candy flavored except for the signature gloss it’s flavored cupcake frosting.

So Genaí initials are GLM and that is why you see those letters capitalized throughout the site. The full business name came about by brainstorming ways to describe Genaí. She is very loving, she loves swimming, playing outside, and anything that sparkles. She also loves her dolls and playing dress up, changing outfits, and playing in mommy’s makeup. So Amor meaning Love of Genaí Lanae Moultry and the “a” just kind of got put in there for it to make sense. But she is all about GLaM as well and her gloss collection consist of all of her favorite colors.  So to make it uniquely hers, Amor of GLaM was born.

Glamorously Loving Me is her tag line meaning full of excitement and adventure, celebrating all things beautiful, loving yourself and encouraging positivity, all while rocking your favorite lipgloss. We wanted to encourage self love especially for our young people.

So GLaM positive cards are also a way for us to encourage positivity. We strive on promoting Self love, positivity, and encouragement. A Glam positive card is included with each purchase, collect 5 and receive a $5 credit on your next purchase with a minimum order of $10. You Must post a photo on social media, tag amor of glam, or email photo including you with 5 different affirmations cards to receive the credit. Thank you!

I hope you all continue to grow with us and help spread our message. Thank you for supporting!